Residential site development, from raw land to finished home.

From site development and foundations to framing, sheathing, utilities and finish work, Supreme Industries has the expertise to efficiently take a raw parcel to a finished residence.

The unique capabilities of our sister company E. R. Hinman & Sons also allows us to offer exclusive forestry services and lumber mill products. Contact us to learn more. 

New Construction:

  • Cost-effective, single-source, turnkey solutions
  • Advanced equipment and manpower
  • The latest construction methods
  • The newest proven materials and systems

Real Estate Development:

  • Land clearing, grubbing and road building expertise
  • Able to work from supplied plans to transform raw land into sub-dividable parcels
  • Experience at various levels of development, from selectively forested and cleared with a single rough access road, to fully cleared with cuts and fills, full utilities, paved roadways and controlled entry/egress