SILT-FENCE-FILTER-SOCK-&-BMPS.jpgProtecting the environment with silt fence and filter sock installation.

Supreme Industries is committed to preserving the natural environments that surround our projects, and we take appropriate protective measures during road building, land clearing and site development. Contact us to learn more. 

Supreme Services:

  • Silt fence installation – an effective barrier to sediment runoff, installed per specification
  • “Green” filter sock installation – a low environmental impact, virtually zero maintenance system for sediment control and storm water management; can often be left in place and overseeded to become permanent erosion control
  • Best Management Practices – the experience and capabilities to self-perform the installation, maintenance and removal of any required BMPs including, but not limited to: Silt Fence, Super Silt Fence, Straw Wattles, Staked Straw/Hay Bales, Erosion Blanket, Conveyor Belt Diversions, Water Bars, Compost Filter Sock and Compost Diversion sock 

Supreme Capabilities:

  • Expertise on proper placement, quantity, installation, compaction, posting and attachment
  • Installation of BMPs for perimeter and sediment control, inlet and channel protection, slope stabilization, storm water filtration and green retaining wall construction
  • Effectively prevent runoff from contaminating nearby water sources
  • Experienced with permanent and temporary pipe or box culvert installation and removals